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West Coast - Amazing

West Coast - Amazing

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This cauliflower lives up to its name with its amazing holding ability in the garden. Some cauliflower varieties develop heads that are open and exposed to sunlight, but Amazing has large outer wrapper leaves that grow upright, sheltering the head from the sun. As a result, the heads do not need to be harvested with any great urgency and you can pick them as you need them. The plants are medium sized, with domed, tightly packed curds, and they're not particularly fussy about temperature stress, either cold or hot. If you've had trouble in the past growing cauliflower, try some Amazing cauliflower seeds - it's an excellent choice for cauliflower newbies.

Matures in 75 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Quick Facts:

  • Amazing holding ability
  • Large heads
  • Protected by big wrapper leaves
  • Harvest as you need
  • Matures in 75 days