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West Coast - Everest Broccoli Seeds

West Coast - Everest Broccoli Seeds

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Everest broccoli seeds produce the highest quality broccoli for harvesting late summer to fall. The 15cm (6") wide, blue green heads are highly dome-shaped, with small, tightly packed beads. These are large plants that have very high tolerance to downy mildew, and moderate tolerance to brown bead and head rot. For fall harvest broccoli production, choose this exceptional hybrid variety and be rewarded by its uniformity, flavour, and disease resistance. The harvest period is concentrated, so a staggered sowing three weeks apart will produce a larger crop over a longer period. Everest broccoli freezes well for winter meals.

Matures in 50 days. (Hybrid seeds)

Quick Facts:

  • Very sweet and tasty
  • Beautifully domed heads
  • Stands up to downy mildew
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Matures in 50 days

How To Grow

One stalk of cooked broccoli gives you 75mg of vitamin C, 1300 IU of beta carotene, 3g of protein and 5g of dietary fibre with only 40 calories. No wonder they is one of the most popular vegetables you can eat today! The crown portion tastes great when cooked or steamed. You can eat the greens, too! Retain the stems for soups or soup stock. Follow along with this handy How to Grow Broccoli from Seeds Guide and grow food!.