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West Coast - Tyria Organic

West Coast - Tyria Organic

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! What a wonderful long English cucumber! The mildly sweet flesh is rarely bitter, and covered by lighly ribbed, but smooth and tender skin. The parthenocarpic plants perform well in poly-tunnels or in the open field, producing seedless fruits without the benefit of pollination. But be sure to trellis them for the straightest fruits, which grow up to an amazing 35cm (14”) long. Tyria Organic cucumber seeds produce productive vines that are resistant to scab and powdery mildew.

Matures in 58 days. (Hybrid seeds)

I first encountered Tyria in my weekly CSA farm box this year, and was really impressed by the size and seeming perfection of every fruit. They have a distinctive tapered vine end, with a blunt, round blossom end, and the flavour is pretty amazing. These new organic hybrid seeds are certainly expensive, but they sure deliver. I strongly recommend them to market growers and home gardeners alike. - Mark

Quick Facts:

  • Certified Organic seeds
  • Amazing 35cm (14") fruits
  • Superior taste and texture
  • Matures in 58 days
  • Resistant to scab and mildew