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About us

Company Profile

Dunvegan Gardens started in 1952 with Bill and Hilda Friesen and their six children. They settled on the flats at Dunvegan (historic trading post) south of Fair view Alberta. What started as a market garden bloomed into growing annuals and perennials in greenhouses. It expanded as the three brothers opened greenhouses in Peace River AB, Grim Shaw AB, Grande Prairie AB, Fort St John BC, and a seasonal greenhouse in Yellowknife. Now the third generation is still in the greenhouse industry and has independent family-run greenhouses in Fort McMurray AB, Edmonton AB, Fort St John and Grande Prairie. For over 64 years Dunvegan Gardens has served areas in Alberta, British Columbia and other areas in Canada.

Dunvegan Gardens (DG) Calgary is one of the largest and longest-operating Greenhouse Growers, Market Garden, Farm Entertainment Center, and Landscaping service providers in Canada.

DG farms produce and distribute locally grown, fresh, premium-quality produce with consistency 365 days a year to local upscale restaurants, clubhouses and market gardens in Calgary Alberta from non-controlled and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) greenhouses located in the foothills of Calgary.

DG farms also offer a wide range of locally grown, and aesthetically pleasing garden plants, shrubs, trees, and other products to the market

DG through its farm entertainment centers seeks to develop the most creative, and innovative farm entertainment experiences available in all of Canada.

DG through its landscaping service division provides landscaping design, development, maintenance, and enhancement services for the residential and commercial sectors.

DG is now leveraging its over 60 years of experience as a vertically integrated grower for the rapidly increasing demand for fresh local produce, farm entertainment, and garden products in Calgary Alberta through its partnership with Granary Road.